Episode 103

Published on:

5th Jun 2024

Promotional Products for Auto Repair Shops [E103]

When looking to enhance your auto repair shop's visibility, promotional products can make a significant impact. 

In this episode, host Kim Walker welcomes Megan Romano, owner of Romano Promo. Megan shares her journey into the promotional products industry and underscores the importance of having a strategic plan for their use.

She also highlights the benefits of working with local distributors for personalized service, the significance of diverse apparel options for team members, and the value of unique, high-quality promotional items. 

Join us as we explore how these strategies can elevate your business and strengthen community ties.

Thank you to RepairPal for sponsoring The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast. Learn more about RepairPal at https://repairpal.com/shops

Lagniappe (Books, Links, Other Podcasts, etc)

  1. Romano Promo’s website
  2. Romano Promo's Automotive Shop - just for shops!

How To Get In Touch With The Guest

Megan Romano - https://www.linkedin.com/in/megan-romano-5a110228b/ 

Contact info: https://romanopromo.com/contact-us

Show Notes with Timestamps

  • Introduction (00:00:11) Introducing the podcast and the topic of promotional products.
  • Meeting at the Chamber (00:01:18) Discussion about meeting at the Chamber of Commerce and the importance of community involvement.
  • Locally Owned Tangy Project (00:03:42) Discussion about the locally owned Tangy project during the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact.
  • Megan's Background (00:08:50) Megan's background and how she got into promotional products.
  • Promotional Products for Auto Repair Shops (00:15:51) Tips for independent automotive repair shops on using promotional products effectively.
  • The importance of planning and knowing your audience (00:16:55) Emphasizing the need for planning, understanding the audience, and avoiding rushed decisions in marketing.
  • Promoting trust in auto repair (00:17:45) Acknowledging RepairPal's mission to build trust in auto repair and the benefits of being part of their trusted network.
  • Understanding the audience in marketing (00:18:45) Highlighting the significance of knowing the target audience, particularly focusing on female customers in the automotive repair industry.
  • Quality over quantity in promotional products (00:20:32) Stressing the importance of investing in high-quality promotional products that reflect well on the brand, rather than opting for mass quantities of cheap items.
  • Connecting emotionally through promotional products (00:27:36) Exploring the emotional impact of promotional products on both the shop owner's pride and the end user's connection and happiness.
  • Benefits of using a local promotional product distributor (00:29:38) Explaining the advantages of working with a local distributor, including personalized service, expertise in product selection, and the ease of the process.
  • Local promotional products (00:33:16) Discussing the benefits of working with local businesses and how to find them through the chamber of commerce.
  • Importance of samples (00:37:14) Emphasizing the value of requesting and utilizing product samples before making a purchase.
  • Understanding setup fees (00:39:17) Explaining the purpose and occurrence of setup fees for specific product artwork and decoration methods.
  • Additional fees and artwork requirements (00:42:25) Detailing additional fees such as PMS match fees and discussing the need for vector artwork for printing.
  • Innovative promotional products (00:44:36) Encouraging the use of unique materials and designs for promotional products to stand out from the competition.
  • Final tips and online resources (00:48:05) Offering advice on selecting useful, interactive, and quality products, and providing information on accessing their online shop for automotive products.
  • The smp closet (00:49:22) Discussion on providing budget for team members to choose conference attire, emphasizing individual preferences.
  • Customized Apparel (00:49:41) Importance of offering varied apparel options for team members to feel comfortable, confident, and represent the company well.
  • Local Community Connection (00:51:21) Expressing gratitude for connecting with the local community through the guest's presence on the podcast and acknowledging listeners' support.
  • Podcast Conclusion (00:52:27) Closing remarks, promoting the podcast, and encouraging feedback and engagement from the audience.

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