Episode 104

Published on:

12th Jun 2024

Finding and Creating Content [E104]

Want to create content that really connects with your audience? Learn how to identify what your customers need, personalize content from your shop, and tap into local community insights for better engagement.

We'll share practical tips on using Canva, planning your content calendar, and driving more traffic to your website. Plus, discover strategies to promote your brand, enhance your shop's culture, and create SEO-friendly content.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your content strategy and see amazing results. Tune in now and start making content that truly connects!

Thank you to RepairPal for sponsoring The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast. Learn more about RepairPal at https://repairpal.com/shops

Lagniappe (Books, Links, Other Podcasts, etc)

Show Notes with Timestamps

[00:00] Introduction and Sponsor

  • Introduction to the episode
  • Mention of RepairPal as the sponsor
  • Overview of the topic: Creating great content for automotive repair shops

[02:00] Understanding Your Audience

  • Importance of knowing your audience
  • Focus on the needs and questions of the audience

[04:30] Sources of Content Ideas

  • Using service advisors' and technicians' FAQs
  • Recording questions for content ideas

[07:00] Book Recommendation: "They Ask You Answer"

  • Mention of Marcus Sheridan’s book
  • Benefits of reading the book for content ideas

[09:45] Types of Content

  • Videos: Short and informative
  • Blogs: Detailed written content
  • Social Media Posts: Engaging with the audience

[13:30] Practical Tips for Content Creation

  • Using Canva for creating graphics
  • Planning content in advance
  • Regular features like "Tech Talk Tuesdays"

[17:00] Community Involvement

  • Sharing content from local clubs, chambers of commerce, or community groups
  • Highlighting customer reviews

[19:45] Company Culture and Team Achievements

  • Importance of showcasing company culture
  • Highlighting team achievements and events

[23:00] Engaging with the Community

  • Joining the Auto Repair Marketing Mastermind Facebook group
  • Sharing ideas and successes within the community

[26:00] Conclusion

  • Invitation to email feedback and content ideas
  • Mention of other shows on the Aftermarket Radio Network
  • Encouragement to tune in next week

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