Episode 102

Published on:

29th May 2024

Should an Auto Repair Shop Use a Local Marketing Company or Marketers Who Specialize in Auto Repair Shops? [E102]

When choosing a marketing company to market your auto repair shop you may find yourself deciding between a local marketer in your hometown or an auto repair marketing specialist whose office is halfway across the country.

Which one should you choose? There’s no wrong answer. But as agency owners who used to be local generalist marketers and now specialize, we know both sides of the coin. Today we’re going to give you an unbiased look at what factors you should be using in the decision-making process.

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Show Notes with Timestamps

  • Meeting face to face and building relationships (00:12:20) The importance of in-person meetings and building strong relationships with the marketing company.
  • Pandemic's impact on remote meetings (00:13:15) The shift to remote meetings due to the pandemic and the realization that effective communication can still be achieved from afar.
  • Benefits of in-person interaction (00:14:21) The advantages of in-person meetings, including the ability to connect on a personal level and fully understand the products or services offered.
  • Meeting Preferences (00:14:26) Discussion on the shift from in-person to virtual meetings and the impact on relationships.
  • Industry Knowledge (00:19:30) The importance of understanding industry-specific acronyms, terminology, and business practices for effective marketing.
  • Local Knowledge (00:25:54) The significance of understanding local events, culture, and geographic factors for targeted marketing strategies.
  • Specialist vs. Generalist Agency (00:25:45) Comparison between the expertise of a specialist agency and the adaptability of a generalist agency in marketing.
  • Local vs Specialist Agencies (00:29:23) Discussion about the advantages of local agencies and specialist agencies in terms of knowledge and time investment.
  • Overall Results (00:30:09) Comparison of overall results between generalist agencies and specialist agencies, focusing on the knowledge and experience in a specific industry.
  • Case Studies (00:31:48) Case studies and examples of how local knowledge and specialty agencies can impact marketing results, with specific examples from the automotive and HVAC industries.
  • Facebook Group Invitation (00:41:10) Invitation to join the Auto Repair Marketing Mastermind Facebook group, emphasizing its active and informative nature.

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