Episode 73

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8th Nov 2023

Having Patience With Google Ads with Hallie Wasinger [E073]

In this episode of The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast my guest is Hallie Wassinger, Digital Ads Manager for Shop Marketing Pros. Hallie talks about the first 90 days for a new Google Ads campaign and how important it is to have patience during that time period of machine learning and manual optimization.

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Show Notes with Timestamps

  • The importance of patience with Google Ads campaigns (00:00:48) Setting realistic expectations and explaining the learning phase of Google Ads to clients.
  • The learning phase of Google Ads (00:03:30) Explaining how Google takes time to learn about a business and optimize ads during the learning phase.
  • Avoiding large-scale changes during the learning phase (00:05:31) Discussing the negative impact of making significant changes to campaign settings during the learning phase and the importance of stability.
  • The importance of allowing time for large-scale changes (00:07:07)The need to give at least 30 days for large-scale changes to take effect and for Google to learn and optimize accordingly.
  • Making changes to ad copy (00:08:07) Minor changes to ad copy can be made, but it's important to assess the performance of different headlines and descriptions over a period of 30 to 60 days.
  • The impact of landing page optimization on Google Ads (00:09:07) Sending ads to landing pages optimized for targeted keywords improves user experience, ad quality score, and ad serving.
  • The learning phase and large-scale changes (00:13:42) Discussion on the effects of making large-scale changes to a Google Ads campaign, such as splitting budgets between campaigns and changing ad destinations.
  • Setting realistic budgets and increasing budgets (00:15:18) Importance of setting realistic budgets for Google Ads campaigns, assessing results during the learning phase, and considering budget increases for better results.
  • The 90-day mark and seeing results (00:19:04) Expectations for the completion of the learning phase and the time it takes to see ads reach their full potential, along with the need for regular maintenance after the 90-day mark.
  • The importance of patience with new Google Ads campaigns (00:20:47) Discussion about the need to trust the process and be patient with Google Ads campaigns, even beyond the 60-day mark.
  • Setting realistic expectations for Google Ads (00:20:58) Exploration of the stress and anxiety clients may experience in the early stages of a Google Ads campaign, and the importance of managing expectations.
  • Trusting the process and giving Google Ads time (00:21:48) Emphasizing the need to trust the process and give Google Ads campaigns time to show results, especially when working with a trusted marketing company.

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Blog: Patience Is Key With New Google Ads

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