Episode 50

Published on:

31st May 2023

Planning, Prep, and Execution of Shop Events with Tim Chakarian of Bimmer PhD Motorsports [E050]

We recently had the pleasure of attending a customer appreciation event put on by Tim Chakarian of Bommer PHD in Pasadena, CA. Tim did such an amazing job with this event that we had to have him on to talk about it. Listen in to get inspired, and take plenty of notes for your own event!

Talking Points

  • What made you want to host this event? This was not your first one.
  • How to plan for an event - compare this event to your previous ones. 
  • Moving shop around
  • Go visit another shop’s event - take ideas away
  • Who to connect with to pull off a great event
  • Partners?
  • Vendors?
  • Chambers?
  • Professionals? (Renting tables/chairs, photographer, DJ, food, etc)
  • Marketing the event
  • Fliers
  • Emails
  • Social posts
  • FB Event
  • Chamber
  • What to do while you are at the event hosting
  • Delegate and let others do their thing
  • When folks arrive - orient them to what is going on
  • Introduction - what do you say?
  • Prizes, Entertainment, Bounce House
  • Announcements - what are you saying?
  • Mingling - close conversations by introducing someone to someone else & thank them for coming
  • Introducing others
  • Cleanup and reorganization
  • Follow-up - what to do after the event?
  • Debriefing, review notes
  • Anything you’d change/do differently?
  • What’s your next event?

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