Episode 107

Published on:

3rd Jul 2024

Part 3 - Customer Retention Series - Loyalty Programs [E107]

Customer loyalty programs are crucial for retaining clients in the auto repair industry. On the Auto Repair Marketing Podcast, hosts Brian and Kim Walker explore this topic with Joe Schindler and Jeff Rudnick. 

Joe, a shop owner, shares his experiences with loyalty programs, while Jeff from Pit Crew Marketing offers insights on how these programs can significantly benefit automotive shops. 

This discussion is part of their ongoing series on customer retention. They highlight how personalized rewards, first impressions, and community involvement can build stronger customer relationships, encouraging repeat business and long-term loyalty. These strategies significantly enhance customer satisfaction and drive business growth.

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Pit Crew Marketing

Schindler's Garage

Schindler's Garage - see loyalty program posts

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Jeff Rudnick: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeff-rudnick-aa611831/

Joe Schindler : https://www.facebook.com/schindlersgarage

Show Notes with Timestamps

The introduction (00:00:03)

  • Introduction of the podcast episode and the topic of customer loyalty programs.

Jeff's background in Hawaii (00:01:03)

  • Jeff's background in Hawaii and the discussion about his current location.

Defining customer loyalty (00:04:19)

  • Discussion on the definition of customer loyalty and how it is measured.

Earning trust and loyalty (00:06:01)

  • The importance of trust in earning customer loyalty and the significance of knowing the customer's intent.

First impressions (00:12:00)

  • The impact of the first impression on building customer loyalty and the significance of creating a welcoming environment.

Last interaction and lagniappe (00:18:05)

  • The importance of the last interaction with the customer and the concept of providing a little extra (lagniappe) to enhance the customer experience.

Community involvement and charity events (00:20:34)

  • The role of community involvement and charity events in creating customer loyalty and building relationships.
  • These are the main topics covered in the podcast episode transcription segment, organized in chronological order with their respective timestamps.

Community Involvement Charity (00:22:26)

  • Shop owner's initiative to involve customers in community charity, raising funds and providing incentives for customers.

Supporting Little League Teams (00:23:20)

  • Discussion on sponsoring little league teams, the impact on the community, and the importance of community involvement.

Seizing Opportunities (00:24:29)

  • Encouragement to shop owners to seize opportunities, think creatively, and take advantage of moments for business growth.

Solving Real Problems (00:25:44)

  • Emphasizing the role of marketing in solving real challenges for small businesses and making their lives better.

Involvement in the Community (00:27:31)

  • Discussion on the importance of being involved in the community and creating a sense of belonging, impacting marketing positively.

Connecting with Customers (00:28:36)

  • Emphasizing the need to connect with customers in a meaningful way, beyond traditional loyalty programs, and the impact on advertising effectiveness.

Fundraising Logistics (00:29:46)

  • Exploring the logistics of fundraising, including tools, graphics, and collaboration with marketing companies for seamless integration.

Using Rewards for Community Programs (00:36:29)

  • Discussion on customers choosing to use rewards for community programs, the intrinsic value, and setting up guardrails for giving.

Launching Shop Programs (00:41:39)

  • The process of launching shop programs, integration with shop management systems, and activating accounts based on customer history.

Service Advisor's Role (00:45:37)

  • Reference to a previous episode discussing the service advisor's role in customer retention and the impact of the 1-to-1 service advisor-technician ratio.

Joe's thoughtful gifting (00:46:31)

  • Joe explains his thoughtful and considerate gifting strategies to connect with clients and nurture relationships.

Partners with systems and processes (00:47:22)

  • Joe emphasizes the importance of having partners with efficient systems and processes to ease the burden on business owners.

Inexpensive customer gifts (00:48:37)

  • Joe shares his inexpensive yet impactful gift ideas for customers, including hot chocolate mixers, cookies, and personalized items.

Quality over quantity (00:51:20)

  • Joe discusses the significance of giving high-quality, thoughtful gifts over cheap trinkets and the impact it has on customers.

Building customer loyalty (00:53:17)

  • Joe emphasizes the importance of little gestures and thoughtful gifts in building customer loyalty and creating a positive impact.

Conclusion and contact information (00:54:02)

  • The hosts express gratitude to the guests and provide their contact information for listeners to get in touch.

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