Episode 4

Published on:

13th Jul 2022

Does Your Community REALLY Know You? [E004]


The question was posed to a group of panelists, “As an auto repair shop that hasn’t been doing any marketing, where do I start?” There are a lot of different ways to answer this question, but we look back at how we started marketing our own shop and had great success. Not all marketing looks like what we tend to think of with websites, digital ads, direct mail, etc. The most effective marketing we’ve ever done was face-to-face, and some of the most successful shops still attribute their success to tactics like the ones we talk about in this episode.


Talking Points

  • “As an auto repair shop that hasn’t been doing any marketing, where do I start?”
  • Blog: Is That Really Marketing?
  • Businesspeople are the ultimate referrers
  • BNI Groups
  • What is BNI?
  • Overview of the meeting format
  • BNI specific to auto repair
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • “I joined the chamber and never got anything from it”
  • Chamber breakfast, Leads for Lunch, BAH
  • Committees
  • Hosting events at your shop
  • BNI
  • Chamber events
  • Car care clinics
  • Merit badge workshops
  • Katrina drive
  • Halloween “Trunk-or-Treat”
  • Car shows
  • Mevert Automotive’s Customer Appreciation Mevert Vacation Open House
  • Who manages all of this?
  • Future podcast episode “Should your shop have a dedicated marketing director?”


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